Height and Obesity and Back Pain? – Fast Weight Loss Plan

A correlation between obesity and back pain has been discovered. Early back pain could be attributed to obesity and vertical growth. Excessive vertical growth and obesity has been found to be a cause foe back pain problems in over 800,000 young adults. More here @… Weight Loss Plan


Diabetes and Obesity (Fast Weight Loss Plan)

Studies show that the family history of diabetes is the biggest risk factor and the second risk factor is ‘Obesity’. We’re just now are able to recognize this epidemic of obesity and its role in type 2 diabetes. People with obesity, are prone to diabetes. Physicians now look towards obesity as a major factor in diagnosing diabetes. More Here

Diet Pills (Fast Weight Loss Plan)

Diet pills are consumed by many people due to the obsessive pursuit of thinness. Some diet pills use natural ingredients and homeopathic elixirs, while others rely on caffeine and other over-the-counter stimulants. More Here

Week in Review – Fast Weight Loss Plan

Today’s weigh in: 203 pounds. Not thrilled with that. I know why the slight jump, though, even though I was on plan with Medifast all week until Saturday. I was out yesterday for a couple of hours and while I did bring a Medifast bar, I left it in my car. We were at an ‘event’ that lasted half the day and I made the best of it. At my first scheduled eating time I had lunch with my daughter.   More Here..

Holiday at the Office: Fight the Feeding Frenzy! (Fast Weight Loss Plan)

Pamela was not looking forward to heading back to the office after Thanksgiving.  It wasn’t the work or the coworkers.  She loved them.  It was the 10 pounds that she was convinced she gained last year from eating the holiday treats at the office.  She had always had problems with sweets and her weight.        More Here

APTA Exercise to Fight Obesity Tweetchat (Fast Weight Loss Plan)

The APTA has asked me to answer questions and address issues related to the role of physical activity in staying fit, starting an exercise regimen… More Here

Beyonce Weight Loss Diet ( Best Weight Loss Plan )

You would have heard about Beyonce knowles lemonade diet. Did it really give her the result that she looked for? Will lemoande diet suit you?

Table of Contents

Is this Beyonce’s only means to lose weight?

Beyonce –The Regular Gymmer

Things you should know

Will Beyonce’s Lemonade diet (Lemon diet) suit you?

Check here “Weight Loss Plan” for the complete article.