Best Weight Loss :

If you are overweight or slightly obese, you should get to know the 16 health effects of obesity which you maybe susceptible to in the future.

16 Effects of Obesity

  1. Depression/stress

  2. Social Impacts

  3. Short life
  4. Increase Cholesterol Levels
  5. Cardiac Problems
  6. Asthma
  7. Bronchitis
  8. Respiratory Insufficiency
  9. Diabetes Mellitus
  10. Sleep Apnea
  11. Urinary Incontinence
  12. Heartburn
  13. Venous Ulcers
  14. Gallbladder Disorder
  15. Degenerative disc disease
  16. Degenerative arthritis

Check here ” Weight Loss Plan ” for the full article.



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